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were all photos taken on the same day.?judging by the weather in them you had all seasons in a day.how did you come to owning a pom.?there abit different to your usual just wondered if it was a rescue,ex girlfriends or always had them or just fancied one.

Yeah all pics were from yesterday bud,just shows how different the weather can be as you go from ground level up to 2700ft which is all the height we got to yesterday,as for the Pom she was bought for my daughter but when she moved out the dog stayed,she was more concerned about boyfriend's & drinking as are most teenage girls lol so Ruby just tagged along with me & the lurchers,she loves life,has caught plenty,led me through forestry to fallen game,rats she loves them,flush stuff from cover fine,hunts moorland like a gundog,she's ace at it..I'd have another like her in a heartbeat but whether they are all like her I'm not so sure? We've had some fun along the way anyways,she travelled with me from Northern Scotland as far South as Hampshire,been to Wales & offshore Isles all hunting alongside one of the runners..She's seen & done a bit & will be here until her final day.

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lovely blue sky like in the summer in one photo and then sheet ice on the otherside of the mountain.going for a walk with the dogs around some of the places you visit would be just as enjoyable for you as the dogs.enjoy your photos and discriptions,keep em coming.

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