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Zeroing The Yukon Photon Xt 6.5 X 42

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Thought I'd add to this as I've been moving the Photon around as the rounds weren't ejecting cleanly. I had to move to the last notch on the rail so the rounds ejected cleanly.


The picture possibly illustrates better than words the repeatability of using a good mount on a Picatinny rail.


It may assist others using this mounting method:


Target was 100M, with rifle on a Primos tripod & 2 point rifle rest.



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Thought I'd add some more tuppenceworth to this much discussed topic:


My Photon is now pretty much 100% using a 0 MOA Picatinny rail and a dedicated Photon mount from Yukon.


I have a couple of observations however:


The Photon naturally sits quite high, and whilst this wouldn't normally be a problem, the adjustment range is quite limited @ 30 clicks on both X & Y axis, hence some folk run into problems when zeroing. There simply isn't enough adjustment to lower the scope if it's mounted too high.


Even using the dedicated mount, my vertical axis is way out at 24 clicks, which means it's almost at max adjustment. Not good IMO.


Secondly, you can adjust by loosening the four cap screws, but this would invalidate the warranty. It most certainly will work though.


Lastly, if you do have to adjust way out to around 30 clicks, the cross hairs don't self-centre again, and it's hellish to look at being so far offset


I personally don't like the idea of adjustable mounts on a CF as it's more to loosen off.


Otherwise I'm delighted with the Photon, which, coupled with an NM 800 IR IC is way more than I'll ever shoot at.


Key message is don't use a rail converter, it adds too much height for the Photon to cope with. And get the lowest mounts possible and it'll be fine.




Just to blow a hole in the theory if the Photon is mounted too high - I originally had mine mounted so close to the barrel, that I couldn't use the lens cover - It still had zero problems - crosshairs still had to come up an inch!! I then mounted it on a different rifle with 38mm centre of barrel to centre of scope lens - still the same!! I tried various mounts with differing heights, but the problem persisted!! I got round it by first shimming the back with tin foil from a pie tray, which worked perfectly (back mount only shimmed) and then tried a set of Hawke Shims from fleabay - they come in a pair - different sizes - one for the back mount and one for the front mount - again, this worked great! The Hawke shims give around 25 moa on elevation... The shims will fit in most other double pin mounts - not just hawke...

I then bought a set of Sportsmatch ATP72 Picatinny elevation adjustable mounts, which I now use!! Nothing wrong with the "Pie Foil" or Hawke shims, but I just wanted to do the job properly!! :thumbs:


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