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Coypu Hunter

Best Pellet For Weihrauch Hw97K In .177?

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Cheers Skot, thanks for that, interesting to know that it's not just me who found the 97K learning curve long and painstaking!


I've ordered some JSB Exacts (4.51) along with five other pellet types, and I'll pick 'em up when I'm back in Blighty next week. I'll let you know how I get on, and I promise to practise, practise, practise!

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Did a lot of pellet testing last weekend after a tune by airguntune .co.uk and I can tell you its a different gun even though it all ready had a V Mach kit in it , any how the best pellet I found were daystate sovereigns 8.4 gr and gave a higher reading than any other 8.4gr pellet

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The results are in!

Just got back from England, after a cancelled ferry (doors wouldn't close), and dived out between the showers today to try out all the pellets I had ordered to be sent to my brother's house, following recommendations by shooters on this forum.

To recap, I'd found that the best pellet so far in my untuned .177 13 fpe HW97K was the Weihrauch F&T Special (8.3 grains, 4.51mm). This was achieving 18mm groups at 33 yards.

I had tried lots of other pellets, which didn't group as well: Bisley Magnums got down to 24mm CTC, but others didn't come close, including H&N Crow Magnum, Barracuda Hunter & Hunter Extreme; Crosman Premier Superpoints & Competition; Walther Hollowpoints; Gamo Raptors, TS10s, Pro Magnum and Expanders; JSB Exact Heavy; RWS Hobby, Club and Super H Point.

The pellets I ordered based on other shooters' experience were: JSB Exact Diabolo in 4.51mm; AA Diabolo Field in 4.51mm; RWS Superdomes, H&N FTT; H&N FTT Power (the copper-plated ones); and Weihrauch Magnums 4.51mm).

Huge thanks to a shooter on Active Shooter forum, who contacted me while I was in England and sent me a bunch of JSB Exact Express 4.52mm and Falcon Accuracy Plus 4.52mm, two of his favourite pellets that I hadn't thought of trying. I tested them all today, at 8°, bench-rested using the artillery hold and two beanbags, fore and aft. I shot 30 of each pellet, 10 at the left-hand cross, ten at the right-hand one, then 10 at the bull, to condition the barrel between different pellets. Here are the results. Click on the pix to enlarge.

1. Weihrauch Magnum 4.51: 20mm CTC.


2. RWS Superdomes; 28mm CTC, but 20mm CTC without the single flier at top left of the central group.


3. JSB Exact Diabolo 4.51mm: 28mm CTC


4. JSB Exact Express 4.52: 22mm CTC


5. H&N Field Target Trophy: 18mm CTC


6. H&N FTT Power: 28mm CTC


7. Falcon Accuracy Plus 4.52mm: 19mm CTC


8. AA Diabolo Field: 16mm CTC


In short, the H&N FTT pellets are as accurate as the Weihrauch F&T Specials in my rifle, closely followed by the Falcon Accuracy Plus. The best-grouping pellets however were the AA Diabolo Fields -- 16mm CTC against 18mm CTC for the H&N FTTs and the Weihrauch F&Ts.

I guess this means that I currently run out of talent at around 16mm groups at 33 yards, and that I need to practice more!

Thanks again to the Active Shooter forum member for his generosity to some bloke he's never met off the internet!

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