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help needed, laugh if you like

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First of, Hello all.


Recently having started a new job miles away from where i originally lived, I had to get rid of the dog I had at the time, a Coursing bred Saluki Greyhound.


Now having settled into my new job, once again i have started yearning for a dog, missing the mooching and the wandering I used to do, a time to relax and let the world go by, but at the same time doing something I enjoyed.

A couple of weeks ago, to relieve my boredom i bought myself an Air Arms S410, to pop off the local Grey Squirrel population, as well as the Coneys and the Wood-pigeons.

Hopefully if everything goes according to plan, I will also be getting a baikal stealth .410, to do the same as the air rifle, but obviously with the added advantage of shooting moving quarry.

So over these past few weeks, I have been thinking of what dog to get, do I go for the usual choice of a coursing bred dog, or maybe something a little different, maybe a Bedlington x, who knows.


But having re-kindled that enjoyment I get from shooting, I thought to myself, do I really need a running dog? When I had one, a simple walk around the local footpaths turned into interrogation having 100's of questions thrown my way e.g. what you up to, I hope you aren't poaching, you do know if the farmer see's a dog like that he will shoot it .etc .etc.


So thinking to myself, could I get a dog that could be as much use to me as a Running dog, but without the added stigma surrounding them? Having pondered upon this question for a while, I thought of a black Labrador.


But my question to all you Gun-dog men out there is, could I train said dog to mark trees with squirrels up them? mark rabbit sets whilst out ferreting? push game into long-nets and hares into gate-nets? Retreive game that i have shot, be it with the S410, the .410, or the Catty, be it from land or water? Whilst at the same time having a cracking companion, a foot warmer, and a dog that will sit at my feet all night whilst at the pub?


Hope to hear some advice on the matter, I understand its not your usual requirements of a Gun-dog.






get ya self a sandvallyxscot american bulldog do all of that and good guard dogs jack of all trades them

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