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Ferreting with Ideation, Pics

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I run my dog primarily in woodland an scrubby stuff, and he is a fence crasher. I like to think it protects his throat a bit, and like moll said it's handy to grab onto sometimes, as he isa 'focused' little b*****d in some situations. :thumbs:

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Guest cookiemonsterandmerlin

I always have a collar on ours I would say there a fair chance if something is pointed enough to catch in the collar at speed the chances are that its going to jab into your dog anyway.


The only time I would decollar a dog is if it was working a area hard to reach where if there was a small chance of getting snagged .


And most lurchers dont do deep bushing there more threats to a dog than a snagging collar like crap in the cover old farm impliments old cans rough ground surfaces etc etc.



ATB Cookie

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