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Hi Remmy

Thought it might be useful to post a pic of the dog so everyone can see both sides of the family.

The dog is four years old and comes from mainly German stock, full details are available from Brenda at the Teckel Society.

He is really good on deer and works well with both air and ground scent.

I normally work him on a long line or attach a falconry bell to his collar.

Once he gets on a scent he becomes almost completely deaf! I think for this breed the scent of game is the canine equivalent of crack cocaine!!

Ruger8 and Compo had pups (any chance of an update or some pics)

Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month

Well dave im surprized the stud aint had vet bills with a knot like that to him it is a third leg. God it makes my eyes water as my brothers ESS was the same & i said it would cost him money its no the kinda thing you want hanging when working.

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Just got off the phone with Colin Didrkson the author of Country Mischife, and breeder of my little bitch teckel, been checking up on my two new pups that are three weeks old,can't wait to get them down here, any one intrested in Teckels in the north east could have a chance to meet and chat with Colin when he come's down to the opening of my new shop "The Poachers Paradise" on the sunday the 15th of march to do a book signing with his new book Worse Country Mischife

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