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Expanding ammunition

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hi ric,


in answer to your query most manufactures of bullet heads offer traditional soft point bullets ie exposed lead point construction and they have worked effectively over the years. recent developments have lead to what is commonly grouped as the balistic tipped bullets they where designed as the name sugests to improve the balistic performance of the bullet by giving a better balistic coefficient over a similar fmj or soft point or hollow point bullet. the added advantage being that the bullet on impact with tissue expand more readily due to the wedge effect of the tip being driven back into the bulk of the bullet.


further refinement of these effect by altering jacket construction and thickness allowed bullet that literaly blow up on impact with tissue to be made these are generally grouped under the varmint heading and tend to have a cut off point of around 80 grainsin bullet weight due to the demands of bullet size in caliber and being able to stop it tumbling in flight.


from the 80 grain weight up and around the 240 caliber size these bullet with balistic tips are refered to by most manufactures as hunting bullets ie they are not explosive in action but expand rapidly whilst still retaining a very large proportion of there weight in one mass ie the classic mushroom head deformination.


now to add fuel to the fire i have no hesisatation at all in using a 87 grain vmax in 243 caliber to shoot roe deer or muntjac as the bullet deforms reliably and kills the animal humanely and drops them on the spot and if the shot is placed corectly does very little meat damage and leaves the heart and lungs intact but seriouly damaged. this is just the same with 90 and 95 grain noslers as well. for comparsion when shooting foxes with 70 grain varmint bullets the exit wound channel can be huge where as with the 87 grain this is normally golf ball sized at most .


i also shoot 308 caliber for roe and foxes at further ranges and again my prefered round for this is either a 110 grain vmax or a 125 grain nosler balistic tip with both bullets doing similar efficient humane kills interestingly both make less mess of a fox than a 70 grain bullet for larger spieces of deer i revert to the standard 150 to 180 grain offerings of soft point or balistic tip .


on these hunting bullets if you read the relevent literature they will say some where the are a controlled expansion design and jacket as this is whats relevant to your question in the first place for a comparsion most match bulletts are hollow point in construction but the makers state they are not suitable for hunting but they make hunting hollow points with completely different jacket construction.



hope this helps graham.

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