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break barrel or underlever?

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just a quick question since not many topics are being made lately..




what do you all prefure (accuracy wise)?


an underlever or a break barrel..


i thought that naturally underlevers would be more accurate because the barrel on top doesnt move. but my uncle says break barels are as accurate of underlevers, surely hes not right?

The Webley Tracker side lever, superb build quality with Anti Bear Trap, bluing to die for, I know it's not an underlever or break barrel otherwise it would have to be the Pro Sport underlever or the HW35 break barrel with a catch that keep's the barrel true to cylinder, locking pins on these if not worn will do the job.


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So long as you keep to good quality guns, it really just boils down to what you prefer.


A quality break barrel IS as accurate as a fixed barrel. Modern manufactureing and good materials remove the old problems of alignment issues.



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