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prefered zero range

prefered zero range  

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  1. 1. prefered zero range

    • 10yds
    • 15yds
    • 20yds
    • 25yds
    • 30yds
    • 35yds
    • 40yds
    • 45yds
    • 50 yds+

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i voted for 25 and 30 yards,


i always seem to switch between the two, if its garden work the 25 yards, feild work 30 yards, dont know why i bother but hey! :laugh:




AA silencer

hawke varmit 2 4-16x44 AO mildot

H&N feild target trophy.


all the best,


surprises Aaron hasnt already had a poll about this :icon_eek:

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Guest Scuba1

Aaron there are a heck of a lot of people that have AA 400 /410 and You hardly ever hear a complaint about them. So you are quite safe to buy one, honest. How close are you with your savings anyway?? You can't be far of now I would think.




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how accurate isyour s400 as i want to mske sure before i buy.



the gun can out shoot me!, on a very calm day, when everything is right (i.e me) i can clover leaf at 30 yards, once got a shot a pellet into another at 30 yards, will get a pic off it up soon...


if you can offord it go for a s410 though, the mutli shot WILL come in handy, by the time you relaod ect for a second shot or for dispatch its a right pain, and you get all muddled up because your in a rush, dropping the pellets every where ect :wallbash:



all the best



good to hear your off the polls :tongue2:

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