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  1. Hardox 500 is the stuff to use if you want longevity of shooting gongs
  2. I'm a two rifle person too. When you consider the cost of a spare barrel estimated £140to£180, a quality rail £65 and qrw mounts £65 it starts to tot up. You also have to consider the scope you stuck on the rifle holds zero but may not track true. If funds are tight, buy the .22lr s/h and the hmr new.
  3. A link to some hornet .17 reloading info below. http://varmintinguk.freeforums.net/thread/303/load-workup-17-hornet
  4. Hi Paul the cz 527 .17 hornet is a good solid gun. My shooting buddy has one and has no complaints. I've no idea on how many rounds my new barrel will last as I've only put around 100 rounds through it developing a load. A replacement pacnor match barrel will set you back around £800 all in from a top gunsmith. I'm running mine below well below a max load while still giving 4000fps with a 20gn bullet. I'm not going to miss another 100fps. Due to the crap hmr ammo at the moment I can see my fireball coming out often, leaving the .223 mostly for foxing. If I was starting from scratch now I would
  5. Hi Tremo, the fireball is a great cartridge slotting in nicely between the .17 hornet and the .17 rem. Its like shooting a hmr on steroids. Have you a link to the current rem production of .17 fireball, afaik these are all discontinued from production. My sps fireball had 70thou jump from a sammi spec length cartridge, which meant I was never going to get close to the lands and I was getting issues with consistent accuracy. I had already added a pss stock and rifle basix trigger at this point. Knowing what I do now, I would measure the free bore before I bought a std rem again. The only th
  6. Hi, I use a wildcat P8 cal specific mod on my fireball and it works well, to me its quieter than my moderated hmr. Regarding .17 cf, do you reload because .17 fireball brass is currently non existent, and I've never seen any factory ammo in the two years I've owned one. Current situation should you choose this round is necking down .221. Whereas .17 rem brass is still available afaik.
  7. Iirc sako dropped the the finnfire when the bean counters at beretta took over at the turn of the millennium. I've kept mine full length as I wanted the length and weight. I have other short barrelled rifles to use.
  8. I used some adjustable sportsmatch ATP61 mounts to centralise the image on my mk1 photon which is fitted to a 1417 annie.
  9. If you have trees about, consider the use of a portable high seat. Btw hmr do ricochet, more so as you extend the range, but not as often as .22lr.
  10. Indeed, 36ftlb barracudas do not drop 7cm at 55yd from a 45yd zero. For anybody wanting info on fac air may I suggest Ted Biers( Edgunusa) videos. The chaps knows his stuff.
  11. If you want to put it on your ticket yourself, what you need is a letter of clarification from your licensing department permitting you to do so. I still have a letter for such, but times have moved on and departments may vary on their outlook.
  12. Hi if the fourth bolt is just spinning in the hole, a layer of masking tape on the circumference of the anchor may help bind it in the hole. Obviously the tape needs to be cut so that the anchor can still expand. Having just relocated three cabinets I'v had some fun myself. I've also had the threaded end bit of the anchor part company which may be the reason for not tightening up. It don't help when manufacturers specify a clearance drill which is half a mm too wide for 8mm bolts.
  13. I've known quite a few ways that firearms teams like you to go about it, my last one was done as I say above but can see how yours would work too. It's one of those areas that's very grey, as normal for firearms law. If they could make it complicated, then they did back in 1968... Yep best check with your local flo. Here in Essex normal variations can take months, a visit and a fee, whilst 1 for 1 can be a lot quicker if there's no need for a visit or fee. Just did not want the op to get scooped and delayed.
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