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  1. For sale is this years male harris, falconry electronics telemetry with 3 transmitters uunused, 2 large falconry fabrication travel boxes, 2 heavy duty Ben long bow perches, 2 out door spiked bow perches,1 5ft stainless training perch, 2 large baths, loads off bells ,swivels, closing tools various sizes, Ben long digital scales, set off balance scales with weights, casting jackets. Also various other pieces off equipment. £1300 Ono must be sold all together will not split
  2. First Blood To T3

    Hi lads I'm in South Wales area I have a shit load off once fired cases up for grabs if any body would be interested they are hornardy 55 grain cases got roughly 500 cases
  3. Looking For 17 Hmr

    Bit far for me to travel looking around South Wales Cardiff Merthyr Tydfil area
  4. Looking For 17 Hmr

    Hi lads looking for a 17 hmr in the South Wales area if any one has anything for sale
  5. Best Scope For A 223

    Right lads just been offered a vortex viper PST 4x16x50 moa reticle for £490 would any off you say this would be a good buy
  6. Best Scope For A 223

    What model ov vipers you lads got and what recticle you use
  7. Best Scope For A 223

    Right lads I'm going to get a sidewinder as Iv always used hawke what models would you guys recommend
  8. Best Scope For A 223

    What sidewinder you go for mate as I don't think a fixed mag would be any good for me like
  9. Best Scope For A 223

    Jay jay don't mind me asking what's the reason your selling that scope mate and what you replacing it wit
  10. Best Scope For A 223

    Hi mate any model you would recommend
  11. Right lads I'm thinking off getting new scope for my 223 I'll be using it for lamping and day use. What would you guys recommend ? Thinking off hawke sidewinder. Spending about £400
  12. Boyds Tikka T3 Hardwood Stock

    Hi mate it's for a t3 lite standard barrel mate and it's not a thumb hole it's a standard classic laminate I can forward pic if you would like
  13. Hi people I have a boyds tikka t3 hardwood stock. It's a classic nutmeg style only been put on gun but never used as was bought a grs stock. Open to sensible offers Email for pics Cheers Marc
  14. Hw97K

    Hi guys finally went out today and purchased a 97k in 177 just wondering what you guys think off them and what pellets you find best for them cheers guys
  15. Grs Berserk Stock

    Yea mate that would be great I know they deffo had one in stock as highland outdoors sent them two. One for me and one stock it cost me £330 it's amazing how much difference it makes to your shooting like if had a boyds laminate stock before but nothing as good as the grs like