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  1. He got a year on you and 2 inch then didnt you do a thread when your missus left you and wasnt there alot of crying and hugging and you didnt come back for months
  2. ffs i seen that coming a mile away, let me take another stab in the dark, was bulldozer the better dog on the day??? :laugh: tommy i told ye was a pretend mod, only brought in to control ye daywalking pals, an ye cannae even do that noo, they all seen throo ye couldnae a happend to a nicer fella
  3. at a guess, have you got a vested intrest in the dog that look poorest on the vid tombo
  4. whats it under pal, so i can spam the site
  5. pin it haha ill gee ye an hoor before ye bin it, if ye wasnae the petty cnut we all think, why the fook have i got 2 warning point.... fookin nazi
  6. tommy whats the deal?? aint ye letting anybody see the vid of a match? why be a spoil sport?
  7. he cant, he needs to wait for his boss to do it
  8. more than a few peckers on here to keep ye goin
  9. Jackers

    everybody that pushes there dogs will at some point experience a jacker/jackers, thats a given in my book, its what we do way the jackers that seperates folk imo...........
  10. Punch

    who sent ye threats
  11. Fao Scottish Lads

    baw nearly every name ye have mentioned was a bully, believe me, they all intiminated wee boys an mugs to do there dirty work... respect for joe public you watched too many mafia films
  12. When Is Lucas And Buldoser Running

    many hares did each dog NOT get slipped on???
  13. selling drugs bookies buckfast pokin burds the same age doggin school to shoplift
  14. Schemers..peddlers And Grasses

    no slaggin match pal, just thought ye was abit wiser than that, geeing ye a old man an all that
  15. Schemers..peddlers And Grasses

    your fookin soft stabba, he aint gonna be hard to find, especially if he a dog dealer, that means a lot of folk know him,take it how ye want, but ye shoulda culled that bitch, i know its done noo an hindsight is a wonderfull thing, but truth of the matter is i widnae gee 99% a the folk on this site the skin of my dogs shite, never mind a dog, be it a pup or a dog thats failed to make the grade... hope the bitch is gettin treated okay, an i hope bradus an any associates die of syphilis... somebody will know him well, get him fookin told face to face