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  1. Try putting some pics up mate might help atb hope it goes to a good home
  2. Now then I have got a waxed army jacket size medium its as good as new only warn it a few times while fishing has got hand warmer pockets one inside pocket and 2 buttoned pockets also have a army jacket size small with 2 matching pairs off army trousers Waxed army jacket - £30 plus p&p Army jacket - £10 plus p&p 2x army trousers £10 plus p&p Will sell together for £40 plus p&p Can't put pics up so if interested text or ring me on 07752072494 and I will try and send pics don't pm me as I won't answer cheers
  3. Looks a good bike mate how come you strugglin with it? For a 110 pit bike don't you think £250 is abit to much and is it a semi automatic by the way coz I couldn't see a clutch on the pics atb
  4. Demon X 110cc Pit Bike For Sale

    Nice bike you got mate I've been looking for a good pit bike myself just haven't got much to spend on one atb with the sale pal
  5. 10m old coursing bitch

    Why not give a trial with the dog that way people will know wether its a genuine sale if you ask me dog looks a beauty if i had the money id have it myself atb with sale mate
  6. quad bike/ pit bike

    im after an automatic quad or a semi auto pit bike willing to pick up depending on where it is if [NO TEXT TALK] knows off a good quad or pit bike let me no asap plz and only got 100-150 to spend cheers lad dopey34
  7. patterdale terrier working pups

    ended up with a dog off this lad myself and thanks to him lost alot of permission as the dog killed 2 sheep after been told it was stock broken sorry to hear that pal but that made me f*cking chuckle when i read it lol
  8. saluki x dog for sale

    any pics pal

    any pics mate
  10. bull terrier dog

    he looks a f*****g monster pal i wish i had room for him i wud love a dog just like him but atb mate hope you find home he deserves
  11. terrier

    listen boys if ya not fukin interested in the dog then dunt leave stupid fukin comments he wants people to ring him brt dog not give him shit on ere if he got a reason he can tell people when they phone up
  12. fishing tackle

    cheers mate but i'm after some fishing tackle not selling
  13. fishing tackle

    or8 lads i've just got into fishing and wouldn't mind a few tips n if [NO TEXT TALK] sellin a 8-12 meter fishing poll and some tackle cheers lads not sure if this is in the right topic section or not
  14. 07752072494 cheers pal
  15. 125cc pit bike.

    does tha get thi squirel wi machine gun wi bike to ride on handle bars