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  1. Anyone know where to get some 250 mg amoxicillin thanks
  2. It then went into cross breed class and won that to qualify for final
  3. Cross bred bitch which took reserve was only placed 4th in black fell class!
  4. Any one know the best way to record through a archer or longbow using a iPhone . Tried it last night but got a white out in middle of phone from ir lamp/ laser so couldn't see target,any help tips please thanks jack
  5. Labrador Stud Wanted

    Hi yellow bitch to yellow dog with only ever produce yellow pups regardless of ancestors
  6. Hi looking at getting a new ir for my longbow and archer, what's the best ir at the moment ?been thinking about a nightmaster 800 any info would be much appreciated thanks
  7. 6.5x47 load

    thanks for help will try some of those
  8. dust on lazer

    Thanks what is best to clean it with
  9. dust on lazer

    I was wondering if any of you have trouble with dust or mist on you ir lazer and what you do to prevent this is there a small anoth butler creake or simular that would fit thanks jack
  10. infared lamp

    hi pestcontroller i was looking for a lamp with a built in dimmer for use when shooting off of landy while watching earths
  11. infared lamp

    hi looking to get a new infared lamp for my longbow which lamp would you recommend thanks jack
  12. fox collorum

    thanks has anyone used one of these are they any good
  13. hi could anyone give me some info on these collorum traps for the use on foxes are they legal in england and if so where can i buy one thanks jack
  14. Festival of Hunting

    The terrier that won is regularly worked with the hunt it was representing and the person showing the dog was doing so for the said hunt.
  15. hi just wondererd what you prefer to use a jab of penicillin of a antibiotic tablet to treat foxs bites pre ban of course and what make thanks jack