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  1. Bit of rough

    Good stuff, that’s great to see Mik
  2. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Don’t know the bloke and I’ve never had anything to do with him so I can’t comment but by f**k does he write some shite on Facebook 😂
  3. Bit of rough

    Fair play to lads with all rounders, I just keep digging dogs but three or four times a year I will have a walk out with this fella and the shotgun. I couldn’t justify keeping a gun dog just for the very occasional day, shooting isn’t really my scene.
  4. Ginger Beard

    If you pm your email address I’ll send you the pics unedited, I can’t believe he’s put on more weight that’s crazy 😂 I used to do quite a bit with him a few years back and he must’ve only been about 12 stone wet through back then.
  5. Ginger Beard

    Show this pic to G***** if you still see him BACON!
  6. Bit of rough

    Took the the red dog out for a bit of rough shooting around home, put up two cock birds and a Woodcock I missed the fezzies and I wouldn’t shoot a Woodcock even if I could. Good bit of fun for him regardless of my empty bag 😂😂😂
  7. Ginger Beard

    Yes i do, I’ll look them out for you.
  8. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

  9. Colin Didriksen

    There you go WILF mate you’re not alone 😂
  10. Ginger Beard

    TVH show 2012?
  11. Free Masons

    Just witnessed this bloke give a funny hand shake and get off with a parking ticket
  12. Ginger Beard

    Sorry I can't seem to attach pics to the pm you sent me but anyway this is the answer
  13. Free Masons

    GingerBeard does the bloke drive a lorry with a grab on it? 😂
  14. We tess and her of spring

    Good stuff Northenlite, that sire looks an impressive animal.
  15. Boxing day

    I don’t know that many “Beards” 😂