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Jim Grant

The Wednesday Shoot

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A couple of us are that age when we do not have to appear at a place of work.


We undertake some of the part-time keepering duties in return for vastly reduced subs. We keep the big bins filled with bags of wheat, top up feeders mid week set some traps/snares and check them next morning. Generally make a nuicence of our selves. In return we are allowed to dog-in the marches Wednesdays before the whole team gets a go. We set a couple of traps and snares last night and checked them this morning.On our way up to the high ground we scattered feed in the straw rides the youngsters cut earlier in the season. Plenty of activity and learning to come to the whistle.


It was a dreach day, low cloud and a smir of drizzle. Let the dugs go, I had borrowed my setter from the next door keeper who uses her on the moor. The Wednesday guns don't bother with the nicities of "It's yours", If you can hit it deck it, then tell the guy who's bird it was that he was asleep and would have missed it anyway. Have to watch our P's & Q's on Saturdays. Two hours of dogging-in yielded five nice cock Pheasants and four snipe (no ground game allowed unless you want to carry it). Onlyallowed the ones which are flying in the wrong direction.


Home with a brace of snipe and a cock. Just heading for a bath, frozen to the bones.

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ther's more to life than work sounds like the kind of retirement i want

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