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Friday morn finished nightshift then out to do some beating (partridge) two drives then it started to p**s down third drive then back to the bothy change wet clothes and something to eat plus catch up with others i havent seen since last season .After grub out to do last drive partridge and duck this got the bag and the duck flew well.Nice supprise beaters pay gone up to £25.covers cost of diesel. Home to get gear ready for a boundry day at our shoot on sat .had to ring lads and cancel to damp! HA.piggin droondin it was good to hear from the lads that they had all made the effort and were ready to go.Told them it would be a waste of time as thier would be nowt sitting out.My pal and i had to go to shoot to feed up and change battery for elect fence had some windfall on both pen and elect fence good job we made journey to check, weather got worse headed back on the way off spotted approx 100 canadas on lower fields will gear up for them on our next visit just in case.Journey home was a bit hairy plenty of floodiing and plenty of heed the bals driving anyway servived to hunt another day . Must get some proper wetaproofs

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