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Travel for your sport

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I have a 130 miles round trip to our shoot.Ido this because i think its a perfect shoot for a gun and a hard working spanial,with like minded lads(most of us are getting on a bit but when out hunting we are all lads again )we tried to get a local shoot with all the right elements. The ones that fit the bill were to expensive or not what they were cracked up to be.So we complain about the price of fuel and yet we still go.Now we try to introduce new guns to our shoot to help spred the cost.We are amazed at how many so called shooting people are not even prepared to travel to just look at the shoot.Is it Me or are there very few shooters willing to travel for a day hunting up game .

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NO one wants to pay for anything mate. I used to beat on a shoot and help the keeper alot, the amount of blokes that would complain about the price of the birds was amazing. Yet they would turn up in very expensive cars, sporting very expensive tweed and a very expensive gun. If i remember correctly the worst ones for it were a bunch of top london lawyers.

Alot of the beater were not much better. They would constantly rant and rave about their love for shooting but would turn down a days free sport if their was a bit of a drive. I dont shoot myself but i cover an incredible amount of miles each year for my sport and spend alot of money on it. I cant think of any better way to spend my hard earned cash. Joe :D

Joe the lads I shoot and beat with all work for a living and have a limited buget for there passtimes(all work and no play bordem then death ) the cost of travel is part of most peoples passtimes following your football team golf fishing etc if you enjoy it you find the cash I bet your team of ferrets are pleased that yuo do.PS I work a couple of jills as well as my spanials and terrier.

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