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Inova X1 torch

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Inova X1 torch: I don't know if any one has one on her but thought i would write a post about them.

Saw a mate last night who has one when he showed it to me i thought it would just be a regular LED torch but when he showed me the power of the beam it produces it was amazing, i rate it much higher than the maglite. It only runs on one AA battery and what i have read and have been told it very efficient and doesn't drain the battery quick, they are very robust and light i think they are ideal for out lamping when a torch is needed and other night time walk outs. I recommend this torch to every one! i have order mine here's a link i found for them http://www.maps-warehouse.co.uk/inova-front.html it's the cheapest i found it, and hers a review on it to http://secure.gadgets.co.uk/inova-innova-x1-light-torch.html.

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Guest Duzabit

Just got one off ebay'' very robust.

Well impressed :good:


Duz. :D

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Guest diesel

will normal gun shops etc sell these torches???? they sound a decent thing... i have a recharable one at the moment and its an absolute cracker!!!! it has both led and normal buld... very good to say the least... :good:

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