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Irishman a englishman and an australian

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Australian english man and an irish man are all sat in the bar having a drink when the bar door opens and a man in a white robe walks in, Paddy looks up and says to the others "hey fellas that be jesus over there" They both looked at him and told him not to be so bloody stupid. Il prove it is him stands up and walks over to him, "Are you jesus He asked. Yes i am jesus replied. the irish man smiled and said let me buy you a drink so bought him a guiness and walked back to the other two. "Told ya fellas it is jesus".

The english man jumps up and walks over and buys a glass of wine and gives to jesus then returns to the others, The australian then gets up walks over and buys him a beer, Then he returns to the others. Half an hour goes by and jesus gets up and walks over to them he shakes the irishmans hand and says "Thank you for your kindness" Paddy looked down at his leg and said its a miracle my limps gone i can walk properly again. Jesus then turned to the english man shook his hand and said "thank you for your kindness" The englishman looked at his hand and said "my Arthiritis its gone im healed its a miracle.

Jesus turns to the australian and extends his hand. The australian looks at it backs away and says "Piss off you b*****d im on compo".

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