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  1. Bottle looks like its sold. £200 + postage for the rifle (its the new model without the seperate cocking lever) Bargain for the condition.
  2. I am selling my 6 month old .22 FN19. It has a beech right hand stock and the only marks on it are a little thinning of the blue where the scope mounts sat, otherwise totally as new having only fired about 800 shots in dry weather. It has properly fitted QD studs. I also have a 3 litre 300bar bottle and valve for filling the rifle, which is as new as well. Test date 09/07 I'm looking for £300 the pair or a £210/£90 split if sold seperately. If you interested please email me at satyruk@tiscali.co.uk (I'm in East Sussex if that makes a difference)
  3. Probably talking out my hat but will the bullet be spinning fast enough to stabilise? or do you have a faster twist rate on your barrel than a standard 700?
  4. Just stick it in your suitcase. The worst that could happen is they make you pay VAT and import duty. They are much hotter on posted stuff lately (I had to cough up a couple of months ago on a Leupold)
  5. I remember it well. Met loads of people (good for meeting nerdy / ugly girls too ) Skip talk, postcards. Sideband, a burner and silver rod. Chatting all night. "Eyeball" the car driving past. Seems a bit naff now but it really was a different time back then. Sidewinder - Pulling the plug.
  6. I think our gardens are often more like wild areas than farmed land and create corridors of green like hedgrows do. While its true that land gets paved over I've also seen plenty of old woodland fall to be replaced with ploughed fields.
  7. I've only ever met one landowner who wanted foxes culled on sight, and he raised birds. All others managed foxes with a very light touch, and far from being asked to shoot them I was told not to upset the balance by killing them. Thats certainly the majority view around where I am.
  8. Last I read they even included the offset of the dropping cost of DVDs BWAHAHAHA when was the last time you brought enough DVDs (maybe £2 cheaper each) to offset the increase in car juice, leccy, gas, water and of course food Last year the average real inflation for a 2 adult, 2 kid familly with a big mortgage and car hit 20+ % for a short peak. God knows what it is now. 25% of the world has runaway inflation if you believe the papers. Fingers crossed for us in the UK but the shift of money seems to be from us into poorer countries. Screw everyone else to keep our quality of
  9. The price increases are not due to supply and demand at all. Its all down to 'Fund Managers' pouring money into oil and pushing prices up in a self fulfilling cycle. These are the aresholes who have created the sub prime credit crunch etc. Why the governments of the world have not suspended their trading in crude is the real question. Perhaps the increased tax revenue is the reason? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...14/cnoil114.xml
  10. Hydrogen has a really poor energy density. Its not actually practical outside the imaginations of dreamers or devoted dabblers. Best feed for a fuel cell - LPG which is a high density hydrocarbon. Same as petrol, made from crude like petrol so no benefit.
  11. Good fresh bait, sharp hooks, dont get too obsessed with casting a long way. Try to learn the best spots and part of tides from the locals but dont be afraid to try an unkown spot.
  12. i have a pellet catcher for targets, but i was woundering if you can shoot quarry in your back garden legaly if it s safe I don't think your actually allowed to shoot anything without reason, so as the land owner / tenant you would need to have some reason to 'cull the vermin' Damage to veg? Damage to house? Check out the general licence too.
  13. Anyone who won't give an inch Anyone who takes a mile Anyone with an axe to grind
  14. Hi Kathy I'm not in a position to help being too far away, but I appreciate your stance on factory farming of meat vs wild as 50% of my family is vegitarian (none vegan tho) You may find suspicion as some antis* apparently use the forum to cause trouble - I'm pretty new so I couldn't say. You could try posting in General or Pest Control to increase the exposure of your ad. Its also worth sticking around as there is a wealth of info about garden birds, fish and animal behaviour, that you won't find anywhere else. I only say that because I am humbled by the extent of the knowled
  15. I've no doubt that there are air rifles that can shoot that far, but to have any oomph left at that range you will need to be shooting solid bullet type pellets, and keeping them weighed, sized and accurate will need some effort and science. Certainly not like buying a brick of LR. At high power levels its also worth bearing in mind how very few shots you will get between refills. You may be better to shoot from a linked bulk tank if your shooting from a fixed position on a bipod. I would be interested to know how you get on, what you want to do is not impossible but quite unusual in t
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