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Tales from the river bank

Guest Magwitch

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Guest Magwitch

Had bit of a change today the farmer let us loose on the sea wall to bolt a few to the shotties, my shooting was rubbish and the cartridge to kill ratio was like 5 to 1 but enjoyable all the same.



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i occassionally take my shottie out with me for a change, but more end up getting away than i hit. :wacko:


now i cheat by throwing the long net out to catch the ones i miss..


is that bottom one the beretta xtrema 2 ? there suspose to be the nuts.

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Guest Magwitch
Good fun and a nice bag but what do you do with shot rabbits ??? ferret grub i cant give shot rabbits away here

Ferret food, to be honest some look like road kill after being shot, the guns a AL391 Urika black syn :thumbs:

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Cheaper and more fun than a clay ground.....there are some warrens that are easier that way




the 8th of Jan- these all got sold! :whistling:


edited to add whats the other gun?

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Looks good fun. can you shoot over ferrets with an airrifle?



If you have the aim and reactions of a robot possibly


shotguns spread the shot and therefore allow for a margin of error and mean that you can shoot at moving targets, unlike airrifles which are really stalking/precision weapons with 1 pellet instead of several hundred :yes:

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Guest little_lloyd
Looks good fun. can you shoot over ferrets with an airrifle?



Not for bolters nay way :no:


But the warrens on my turf are all thich thorn hedges and you can not get the nets on the holes inside the hedges without getting skanked to feck and back,, Any way my mate brings his air rifle along when they bolt in the hedges and they just sit there long enough for him to get a nice head shot with his AA tx200,, other wise they just hole hop.

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