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  1. I bought two for saluki lurchers, excellent quality, but too much collar for them,More suitable for heavy bull crosses,and mastiff types,imo.
  2. He's doing a book on lamping at the moment.
  3. What is your criteria for selecting your final three/ four?
  4. lets remember this was a supeream champion of champions were the dogs should of been gone over with a fine toothed Combe atbwhy should the dogs be gone over with a fine tooth comb? the dogs had previously been judged and given a B.I.S albeit another judge so someone reckon they were sound, the 4 judges 2of which you think marked your dog down, did the other 2 judges give you maximum points? If so I'd say you had a point OR did they find something the others did not find? the winner had won a champion of champions prior to yesterdays show under different judgesY.I.S Leeview hit a nerve have I
  5. it was a total joke never again should never of let lúrcher link run any champion of champions 2 lads pulled out of the working lúrcher championship it was a scream to watchi understand you travelled a few miles to get there,rather you than me mate either way atb you would of laughed at my score cards the drop in points in 2 judges they all in it together mate,nothing changes I judged it for two years , once alone, doing the overs and once as a member of a team of judges, no one influenced my choices.
  6. Thats possibly because the best of poachers had little English heritage ,they just strayed,as poachers where want to do. Happy days Phil, thanks for posting the pic .
  7. Just the truth ,I have a lot of respect for Lloydy.
  8. Having had a day together with you, I'd like to say I thoroughly enjoyed your company and you weren't a disappointment.Inan.
  9. Hi,..it is good that you are trying to school your young lurcher... Surmounting barriers and getting over (or through) obstacles is just one part of a working dog's education,.but it is a discipline, well worth teaching...Some dogs are natural jumpers, they just love getting 'up and over',.but, alongside fetching and retrieving captured quarry, back to the operative,.. it is not always an inherent trait... Sometimes a dog needs a wee bit of help... I start them young,..in fact,..as soon as a whelp can stumble around, I create barriers that he must negotiate in order to get to me, or
  10. very true nothing to do with the sheep It's not the sheep that's the problem is it, it's the "bloody dog", or maybe the owner. I know where I'm pointing my finger.
  11. What a fecking tosser. I am ashamed to see your Welsh a disgrace to your nation. If that is the only way you know of stock breaking you need to give up owning dogs as much as the OP. Edited to add: This must be a wind-up surely? If it is you got me, if it's not Cnut. TC Sometimes you need to wrap some barbed wire round the pipe if the dog is particularly wilful .If he's been a real pain ,on the way home I put my car cigarette lighter on his nose, that teaches him not to mess with me!
  12. Buy an e collar, set it to maximum, buckle it round your neck and every time the dog chases a sheep, press the remote.It won't do a thing for the dog , but it will remind you to stock break an animal before you let it loose in the countryside.The farmer on my nearest permission shot two Alsatians a few months ago they had killed 2 sheep and two more had to be put down.It upset him ,he said he would sooner have shot the owner of the dogs. Practically speaking an e collar will give you the recall you need. I've a saluki saturated dog that went a bit deaf when you called him.The coll
  13. I know exactly how you feel I had an old biddy screaming at me because I was biking a dog,she phoned the RSPCA and I got a visit asking to look at my," half-starved greyhound" Inan ,well you know how he's bred. Ignorance is PISS.
  14. One most would be very happy with!
  15. Excellent tips and advice,well worth the money.
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