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Hi, and advice needed for a Jack Russell

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Hi Everyone, 

I came across this page when I was looking for a ratting society, that could help me with one of my Jack Russells. 

I have two Jack Russell's, Daisy is an absolute princess and definitely hasn't got many of the JRT traits ( she will run after stuff then get bored and stop!) 

However Poppy is  JRT through and through, Myself and the dog walker have noticed recently, and I am wondering if it the weather and how wet everything is and new smells, but her hunting instinct has got worse, and there is absolute no recall when the red mist comes down!

So far this week she has killed a magpie and pigeon in the garden, has gone down 3 rabbit holes and decided to chase 5 horses around Woodbury common (that time she finally tired herself out and came back, after half hour of me chasing and losing her!) 

I was wondering if there are any ratting groups, that could possibly help, or anyone who does training with JRTs? I have no issue at all with her hunting, but its the running off and not listening at all which is beginning to takes it toll, its got to the point where my dg walker won't take her off the lead as she can't be trusted. 

oh and I will mention she is 6 nearly 7, and although she has been a little naughty dog, this behaviour is new and is quite hard to control. 


Many Thanks 




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Hi Lucy 

Im afraid at 6-7 years old any recall training unless severe will be in vain .Please try your hardest to find a ratting group but at the same time don’t be disappointed if your unruly pet isn’t asked back .Ratting whilst a good time out for terriers needs to be controlled around both livestock and possible machinery .

In all fairness ,an extendable lead is probably the safest for your dog at this point in time giving it a bit of controlled freedom .

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