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You think Bread stinks try a rather large steak that’s been left and defrosted and rotted it’s a whole new level of stench I’ve seen and dealt with some weird shit in my life but I can smell that piece of meat typing this 🤢🤢

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1 hour ago, Ted Newgent said:

Wait for a chest freezer to quit with two deer and a moose in it

you will be buttering that bread

i think i found that freezer on a house clearance .... 

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After the foot and mouth crisis I was flat out knackering on the forest as people were finding cows and ponies that had been there for ages with nobody about. I was trying to winch em on the truck and just pulling em into pieces. Had to shovel some on board. 

The pile near the incinerator was so big that once I got to the bottom the bottom carcasses were just skeletons. 

I've got a strong stomach and actually don't mind the smell of knackers....but rotten food in a broken fridge has a truly grim smell....a rotten steak in a broken fridge is worse than a full rotten cow. 

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