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Trying to Rent marshland

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Hi  I have got  my eyes on a local spot not far from a river. It is a bit of swamp  marsh land and a good small splash puddle that holds loads of ducks  I have started to feed it  and the numbers look good .. I have been asking round about farms locals etc to see about rent/ or lease  . None them own it  and it belongs to a big house builder ..the land will never be build on due to flood danger etc . But I have finally got a email address tothe person I need to contact about the land... the swamp / splash area I was inquiring about is approximately 0.5/ 0.75 acre . Has anyone any pointers  on what I should ask the person  I need to contact.  The representative has emailed me back saying the dont have any intention of renting or leasing the land  but they did ask me what  I was planning on useing it for.?  Any help would be appreciated 

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Youd have more luck / better chance buying a Euromillions ticket... at least then if you win you can buy the land. 

They don’t want to do any actual work, and looking into the insurance details etc etc of letting someone run about their land with a firearm will be the last thing they want to do. 

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On 19/10/2020 at 11:47, Sundodger said:

Eh up boba job,

just seen your  post how did you get on, did you contact the land owner. Myself I would have just been straight with the guy and asked for permission, and take it from there.


Yip I did  .. I am currently waiting on bill headed permission letter . 

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