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mk1 knocker box advice.

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Getting back into a bit of ferreting after many many years lay off.


Ive just bought a Mk1 knocker box and 2 collars and its working fine to about 4ft, turn the wheel any further and it starts screeching, any advice would be appreciated.    

by the way the box looks like new, with the original cardboard box, and warranty and instructions. 

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It's the on /off switch, this can be replaced. They sell there on eBay if you put in ferret finder spares. Have a look at calibrating MK1 at the top of Ferreting page on here.

Try this first take the back off the box then remove the wheel on on/off switch then should see a white or yellow cover to the top switch carefully remove and with a bit of Methylated spirts and a cotton bud carefully clean the carbon resistant horse shoe shaped bit inside. turn the switch and do again. Take the battery off first would probably be a good idea. Hope this might help. Atb.

Cheers Arry

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Just thought if you are testing inside your house the TV, fluorescent tubes even mobil phone will interfere. If out side wire fences and sheet metal will interfere and give that white noise.

Cheers Arry 

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