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Shooting Estates

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The Shooting Season is about over now and a lot of Estates  will allow Ferreters on and in Colder years I enjoyed going  but this year I don't envy the lads the Lads doing it !  the amount of young Rabbits  hopping about is nice to see  but very hard to deal with  (unless you have one of those Fairy Tale Ferrets that never Kill ) digging down to Nests or multiple digs for a Ferret that kills a Kit  and keeps taking it deeper as the Spade gets closer then gutting the Bag  and seeing the Sacks of young ready to be born , Doe's dripping Milk as you cut into them and last of all Skinning a few old Bucks at about Ten Minutes apiece,  I enjoyed it all once  but now my Season gets Shorter each year , I just need ten more for a couple of Pals then that's it till October or will it be November.


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