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Second Harris Hawk


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Hi Samir

I have had both is you male taken fur and feather. I had a female hawk for a year with my male I coundnt let my male fly with the female as he was nailing her so as morman explained they can’t be trusted at hunting weight.id persisted  flying  hawks in a cast . But for me there so much more involved work and if you are flying a male that is afficent on every outing. I did find flying a female slightly different they hit with bad intentions and usually end wilth one stoop and will only follow in if the male is close so become very effective . When they catch it’s a mission to trade which usually takes a few times so ending up feeding them more than entendred just to separate  . If your male is tossing rabbits and following to the end hitting two and three times staying committed stick to your male. It’s nice to see the two attacking the one rabbit but it doesn’t always go that way both can go in opistit directions so holding up hunts greatly.i had my male for three years before I got the other female I it took the goodness out of my falconry for me because both hawks were not at at proper hunting condition trust me put all your time into your male fitness conditioning and hunt him hard and bring up your standard of falconry filling the freezer. Fly two more work more  less sporting. Don’t get me wrong the female I got was an absolute all round took 60 rabbits in four Phesants. In four months

I’m only given my experience with flying in a cast you will kill a lot more rabbits the male will turn the rabbit but  the female finish the job but it gets very repetitive.   but for me I get more enjoyment in seeing a single hawk and a single rabbit turning the hawk in and out until  the hawk runs out of gas. Or the rabbit simply jinks the hawk. Make the most of your male they are very underestimated. All the best and happy hunting Fonzie

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Always better to see one hawk working on its own, they always seem to put more effort in and you are reducing the chance of accidents.

I certainly wouldn't house them together unless it was for breeding purposes, even then I have known the female to kill the male.

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