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New gun for my wife.

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Since we sold my wife's Caesar Guerini 32" trap gun last year, she has had a few older guns to use as she could not decide what to do regarding her clay shooting. Last week my local rfd did a deal with a new gun and took in a really nice Beretta 692 custom stock skeet gun. Now as the stock is adjustable and the barrels have no side ribs, the balance and fit of this gun for my wife was nothing less than superb.

All is good, a perfect all rounder for my wife............................................................until she shot it, my god a kick like a blackpool donkey, even for me so time to tweek or not bother with it.

The gun was ideal for my wife so it was worth trying different recoil pads as the stock was a bit short and the kickeeze pad was garbage (as I think all those pads are). We tested several gel pads and instead of the Eley Superbs 28gr, we switched to Eley Select 21gr and Hull Comp-X 21gr. the new combination worked very well and so the deal was done today. I have ordered another gell pad and will no doubt fir an ISIS Recoil Systems adjustable Green pad which are fantastic. There is still a little tweeking to do before I am completely happy but she shot the gun with the Comp-X 21gr shells last night on a sporting clays layout and did well considering it was a new gun and cartridge combination.

It is now siting with my DT10 in the cabinet.







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