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walther ppk co2 handgun

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just asking could anyone tell me could i go out for a day with my walther ppk co2 handgun just to shoot pigeon and pheasant i know it would kill pigeon but dont no about pheasant..........thanks .........

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at 6lb per sqare inch it is powerfull enogh for pigeons but at close range lacks accuracy best bet if you want too shoot something live go with an air rifle

co2 pistol wold not be poweful enough as you say yourself not very accurate at close range, so would be even worse at a distance,also not many pistol throw out 6ftlbs most sporting gun user would not use a pistol to shoot live quarry

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I'd agree that the CO2 pistol is too weak to be sure of killing a pigeon. You're very likely to injure but no incapacitate leavving the poor bugger to die slowly from wounds after flying off.


I even think twice about using my Cometa air rifle for any pigeons over 25 yards.


For the cost of a Walther you could get a reasonable air rifle or save up and get something that will give you good kills at 40 yards - it will be worth it and will increase your enjoyment while cutting down the chance of having runners.

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