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HW100 Finaly fixed & working

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My non indexing (2011 from new) .177 HW100 is finally fixed and working.

After too long (my fault) and 2 different 'fixit' shop visits, my Rifle finally works flawlessly!

I took it back to Gun Room Ivybridge (the original supplier) who assured me it was OK; it wasn't. Then much later (2 years) to Helston Gunsmiths & £42.00 later no different (worse in fact 'cos it lost pressure

as well as not indexing), then back to the 'new and revived'  Gun Room Ivybridge, they had it for 3 weeks and allegedly cannibalised a 'NEW' stock HW100, but whatever they did they have

FIXED it WHOOPEE, hope your new one hasn't got my 'old' bits in it?

Take note all of the above is mostly my fault, I didn't take it back under warranty, and anyway the HW100 .177 carbine is the BEST AIRGUN ever, & I've had a few over 60 years, and this is the

most deadly accurate, at least equal to my 7mm Mauser HEYM, super smooth stalker, and that's saying something.

Anyway congratulations to Ivybridge (Devon) Gunroom thanks


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