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Dog coughing

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Hi every one 

my whippet x started to cough couple yrs ago so trip to vets ,they said kennel c and gave meds ,this didn't work but he stopped coughing couple weeks later ,six months down line  it comes back and again they talked us into kennel cough treatment and this didn't work,they also gave steroids for ten days and they did nothing but make him fat ! .he as had this for past 2 1/2 yrs on and of ,he's had lung rinse and nothing it came back clear ,we was told specialist who looked and tested the swabs from rinse believed it was maybe kennel cough or a irritant making him cough ,

he had a few months were they was no coughing at all but it came back slowly so we took him to another vet who did X-ray that's come back with two lesions on one of his lungs ,

lung worm was talked about but he as spot on once a month so vet as ruled this out , I have heard of dogs getting lung worm even though wormed regular ?

Vet says we need a MRI scan on him to say what these two lesions are ,the specialist who our vet sent X-ray for second opinion said if he's been coughing because of lesions on and of for two yr he don't think it's cancer as the dog wouldn't be in the condition he is ?

hes eating well ,wants walks but if he's coughing he stays garden or along street ,and his body condition is good so far ,and he's same as always been until coughing starts then it gets bad and kind of peaks and gets better for a month or two .

we are taking him vets next week so they can have a look with a camera and hopefully we no more then ,

we give him honey ,coconut oil and he as a herbal tea the misses makes for his lung which helps him.

i hate the fact we have been vets at least 8 times over this ,first two were a waste of time ,just hope we can find out what's going on with him .

i think the world of my lad ,he's my best pal and I feel so helples ,he's not insured so I'm saving for Mri scan so end of this month will b getting it done ,

its sh.t when they get sick or old ,



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