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Painters/Decorators, HELP PLEASE!

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Painting walls in Bedroom, they were purple and that way when I moved in, walls are dry lined.  Thought I would start with a coat or two of Dulux Brill White Matt to help obscure the purple as they will be end up an off white Ivory type of colour.

Dulux diluted about 10% with water as so hot, applied first coat on Sat and walls bubbled in parts.  Rubbed down the areas yesterday , bubbles did not burst but went "nearly" flat again, just applied another coat of Dulux and bubbles all back.

Any ideas about the cause and more specifically how to cure, will I need to cut out the areas?  Seems a real pain whatever.


Pics showing a typical area, bubbles are from about 1mm to 8mm in various parts of the wall but in groups similar to this, much of the walls are fine.  They do not flatten when dry.


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I'm not a_ painter or decorated but if I've had the odd bubble I've popped it with a pin worked OK /but you could not do that with that many bubbles

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