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Not interested in getting one but my misses seems to have taken a Shining to those Italian spinones types 

this will inevitably mean she will be getting one in the future . As she’s a prick and does what she wants when she wantsRegardless of what I think. 

next year I start a university college type thing , I ain’t got time for my own animals never mind pandering to her nonsense. 

I know next to f**k all about them other than what I’ve read in a dog book I have from childhood . 

From what I can see , they are mainly kept for work in the way of a  typical hpr , dont start with “get a gwp” this has already been decided as not adequate 

Does anyone have any experience in seeing these relatively rare dogs work?! 

What type of character do they have ?  


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My mate had a dog squad on his estate , he was that impressed with the spinone that he was going to get one (as a keeper wouldn't have been ideal). Said the handler was great but the dogs air scenting ability was the best he'd seen , steady puposeful manner . Think they were working tall grass field and basically positioning dogs down wind and working them up to individual pheasants. Being worth taking the missus to see some work. These guys were in hants. Atb Joe .  

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