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Scotland , England and Wales

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Yep u heard it right a couple of boys from down the road where kind enough to offer a welsh weirdo and a Scottish gobshite a day/ night on there land. We met around 8am at a point off there choosing and set off. I must say I was alittle taken back with how welcoming the boys where to me and my son considering they where  friends off the big weirdo and I was just a tag along 😂. All dog’s there settled in not a bad atmosphere between them. We split up done some Reed beds and and a few burrows here and there and a few nasty knocks along the way. We stopped on 22-25 not quite sure as the hosts even carried them what more could u want lol. We went to the local pub for some dinner gave the dogs a quick bite to eat aswell before attempting our luck under the full moon. Thought why not try and see,  we done ok considering was like daylight. My own bitch took her 3rd near death experience on a gate lying down in the grass couldn’t see it until she was flipping thru the air it really wasn’t her day for accidents she can get alittle full on. Finished on around the 50 mark with a couple mixi which don’t count and a pheasant. I seen dans young della in the flesh and a promising pup she is. He has a few pics as my phones fooked thanks for reading


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3 hours ago, Bearfoot said:

Nothing up with  being weird I've got to put up way myself on a daily basis 😂

U could be a normal weird he’s on another scale😂🤣. Apart from that he’s ok


2 hours ago, gwalchmai4110 said:

Ha ha ha payback for the Scottish midget joke???

was a decent run out mate we will get some running in this season






Now we know there is small pockets to double up with mate u could bag up on the small rough patches 

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