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rangefinder Suggestions?

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I'm thinking to getting a new long range hunting rangefinder for under $550.00 and looking for some suggestions.

Most of my shooting / hunting in Florida or Montana, two very different places with very different terrain. I am currently looking for Leica 1200 , but if it is above the available price range, I need to know where to look for more.

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Not so easy to answer as we don't know what is available in the US. In the UK, there are many on ebay and most being made in China, named brands such as Hawke have a good name and I assume they are available in the US fitting into your budget.

MTC have a rather clever rangefinder linking to your phone but far too clever for me.



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i know it’s an older post,  but for anyone else that may be interested in the same subject - I’ve got a Vortex 1000... seems to be accurate to about 850 yards and is a nice compact size... a well made, quality piece of kit and highly recommended!  I’m sure they do other longer range models too!!  



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