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A drop point gents knife with raindeer

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a few months ago, I made a small knife with a clip point blade and raindeer handle.

As I really liked the grey  brown colours of the raindeer together with the bronze, I wanted a knife like this for myself :D (I sold this one..).

So yesterday I finished this small gents knife, but with a drop point blade.

Blade 82mm grom 4mm 1.2442 tungsten steel

silver soldered guard from nautical bronze, 

spacers from fiber, aluminium, bronze and mammoth,

raindeer pinned with a sterling silver pin.

Handle is 110mm








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39 minutes ago, GruffaloGriff said:

Not familiar with 1.2442 tungsten steel so did a quick google. LINK

Sounds like a good tough blade steel.

The 1.2442 (and the similar 1.2519) will get a very fine, long lasting, hard edge. Maybe not the steel you want for a chopper or sword, but for me one of the best steels for small knives. One downside, it rusts quit easy.



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One of nicest Iv seen yet, like Iv said before I don’t know if it’s actually more expensive or took more time or anything about materials but by looks alone that’s the one I’d choose, summat just nice an plain an workman like about it, hope ye don’t take that wrong way😀


very well done again mate😀😉

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Thank you!

Price-wise it's about the same.

The raindeer is less expensive than sambar stag and easier to find. But the sambar is kept in it's natural form, just a little polishing and a pommel and it's done.

This gent's knife handle, allthough less expensive material, takes several hours of filing, sanding, polishing.

Actually I'm very indecisive if I prefer tha natural beauty and shape of polished sambar stag or the grey / brown colours of an ergonomic raindeer handle.

There are so many beautyful materials, soon I will make a knife with Steller's sea cow, another fascinating material.

It's allways the same problem, you can't have enough knives :D and if you do them by yourself, it's even worse, as you want to keep them all 😪



Kind regards


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