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Duck hide distance from water

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Hi all

Just wondering if there any rules/guides for the distance the hides should be from a flight pond ?

I've been to some ponds where you stand with your feet in the water.

Just asking as I have put some hides up around our pond and someone has said there to close.

The pond is probably 20 meters by 10 meters.

2 hides are about 6-7 meters from the waters edge 2 are 1-2 meters from the waters edge.


Thanks Ben

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They are quite close on a pond of that size, I would expect to put the hides about 12 to 15 meters away giving you a bigger field of view to what’s coming in, I shoot a pond where we stand in the waters edge  but this will be 45m wide by 70m long and surrounded by reeds, we tend to take a few over the fields surrounding the pond as they are coming in, so been a bit further away from the water does have its advantages, remember the duck knows where the water is so if you can be further back you will have more opportunities to take them, good luck for the upcoming season 👍

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