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New lab Hip scoring

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Well I have gone and sourced myself a new lab, been a while since I bought one for myself, a good big dog, one I will put ont blood scenting as a stalking companion, and general retrieving,876CFC50-34D4-4733-BA6A-EF21B21A66EB.thumb.jpeg.db6de92ddaff5226962ca71a6a431771.jpeg55F30659-3385-4491-990D-EC226C167817.thumb.jpeg.f72f1e5504b39c2556e6f30cb4e30132.jpeg

hes settlng well 15 month old, the mrs asked today am I going to have him hip scored, something I hadn’t thought about, his parents have good hip scores, so thought, go on I will price it jeesus first price £300 second £270, 

what kind of money does everyone else pay, or is that the going rate does anyone know, 

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