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Try Baycox , just go to your vet and ask for it . 1L costs about £85 . I always treat my birds at times of stress , like when bitting , as this can  bring on cocci . Try looking into the PH of your birds drinking water . The poultry industry is light years ahead of the game industry with regard to this . Have a read up on it . Went to an NGO meeting and there was a vet from St David’s game bird vets giving a talk on the subject. Too much to write on it in this reply . ATB 

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I thought Amprolium was withdrawn a while back . But it’s the main ingredient in coccibal . Had some crows bothering a couple of huts , got the vet to do some pms . And all huts were clear apart from the two huts which were being bothered by crows . Hexameter will be next .

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