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I'm looking for permission to shoot i am new to this. in either Tyne & Wear, Durham or Northumberland. I have an air rifle just want to do some pest control. I am also willing to also help with fences etc. We're willing to go and meet first. I am Insured etc. Email for any further details required.


Thanks very much

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Best bet is to get out and start knocking on some doors,, doubt asking on here for permission is a great idea,,as everybody will have there own and protect it at will!!!! But dnt give up keep trying no matter how many knock backs you get,, eventually 1 will come up,, and when it does treat it like gold.. Because there's always somebody else waiting to ask,, and if your not showing much interest in the farm,wood ect the land owner are well within their rights to give it to somebody else,,, good luck👍

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as above knock the doors mate

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