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HW100 Leak advice

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Right boys, my pal has just bought a s/h HW100 s which went to Hull Cartridge for a service just prior to my pal buying the gun. It shoots fine BUT has dumped all it's air over the last week whilst in the cabinet.

Now I assume there is a seal which is damaged but as I have never had this issue when I had my HW100, I am lost as to what to do. Soooooo where is the seal that normally causes this problem, I am guessing that he will need to remove the cylinder and I suppose the seal is either on the cylinder or where the cylinder fits the gun.


Can someone help this useless ole tart out as many of you know that I am as practical as a chocolate fire guard when it comes technical stuff on air rifles, I just point and squeeze leaving the bits I don't do to you lot.

I should say this is from an RFD so no issue with taking it back but if it is a dead easy fix that you lot would just do yourselves, it may be a better way.



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