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No one noticed. ?

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When i put these pictures up yesterday i wondered if anyone would notice that the trap was placed the wrong way round , the reason i did this was back in the 60/70s i went out a few times with three old lads who done nothing except  Rabbit Trapping and Long Netting, they lived in Norfolk and they had  massive areas to work on , they used mainly IMBRA  and FENN  traps ,the jaws on the FENN  were rounded  i think they may have been an early model and the IMBRA was of a type that i had not seen before. The first place i ever went was called Wolferton not far from Sandringham and it was a Railway track , the traps had been set the day before and it seemed that every one had a catch and there were not many that had missed, the chap i was with  lifted the trap and rabbit then gave it to me to remove and leg whilst he reset the hole ,i watched him like a hawk , he did it so quick but without hurrying  i had seen my Grandpa set hundreds of traps but nothing like this though the sandy soil helped , when were nearly at the end  there was a lole that went two ways  and both tubes had a fired trap in he took both out and reset them then placed them back the other way round i asked why had he done that  and he said a Stoat was at work and thats how to catch em . Ever since then if i have a fired trap and reset it i turn it around i have never caught a Stoat by doing this and nor would i want to  it is just something i picked up along the way.



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Never noticed micky. It was a good catch on that rabbit, even though the trap was technically the wrong way round. They really are a perfect rabbit trap ain't they.

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The rounded Fenn trap would be the 'Fenn Rabbit trap Mk1'. pretty much the same design as the mkiv and mkvi but with the cross bar forming a semicircle rather than a straight bar. I think they stopped making them because the Mkvi did the same job. Not sure what the benefit of the curved bar was thought to be for rabbits. Maybe so it didn't catch on the tunnel sides so bad, but it think it was slightly taller so that wouldn't add up.

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I always thought that the Fenn Fenn Jaws  Struck too   big an area on Rabbits , the Rounded Jaws  would deliver more of a wollop and greater compression 

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