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Dog has recently (last 4/5 weeks) been scratching ears till a sore develops on top. I've been using a cone to stop this why I try to fix the underlying problem.


Like an idiot I cleaned the wax out a few weeks ago. I then bought Thornit last week and used that for 5 days as per instructions (apart from the not cleaning the wax out part!). No joy with this so went vet yesterday. He says no sign of ear mites. He also says ear drums are slightly inflamed but no sign of infection, although one is slightly opaque. He suspects an allergy although the dog has never suffered with this before. Bitch is approx 3 1/2 years old. Is it usual for a mongrel terrier to develop allergies at this age? I've always thought allergies were for overbred pedigree types!


I've been given Canaural ear drops to relieve the ear drums and some Apoquel tablets for potential allergic relief. I'm going to use the Canaveral on it's own for 3 days then if no joy start the allergic tablets.

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Thanks. Interesting.


We had some human prescription hand cream in the house which seemed to coincide with the on coming of itching. Can only assume was being exposed when dog was touched by hands after cream.


We've got rid of this and dog seems more settled and less irritated. Perhaps it will take couple of weeks for cream effects to wear off and reaction to go away?


I've continued with ear drops but have resisted using aqupol for now.


Interesting write up btw. Thanks

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