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Wildfowling Near Tain

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I am planning a fowling trip around Tain this year. Anyone have advice for where to try? We are expecting to shoot the Dornoch, Cromarty and Moray Firths but won't get much time on any of them so I'd be grateful for pointers.

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For the Cromaty firth you need to be on the road from Ken's garage on the A9 at Kildary heading across to Arabela this is the Nigg roundabout to Nigg ferry road .

Travel from Ken's down the road to Arabela over the little bridge till you come to the first house on the right about 2 mile , turn in on left of house you are now off road head on down track till you come to cross road turn left and go down to bottom . firth is over berm in front of you .

If you walk out and the tide comes in it will travel over ground as fast as you can walk . I have been there on big tides and the tide is up to your boots on top of the bank .

When there's a lot of folk out on the foreshore I believe it's F!!k in dangerous .

Worth going into Tain to Mcleod's and have alook in his shop .

Moray firth is I think Munlochy bay .

Go round by Kirkhill lot's of geese on field but don't F!!k it up for other folk .

Should get you started .



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