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Woe Is Me - Five Shots Real Time

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Woe is me - Five Shots Real Time

Shot the last five pellets left from the tin for this Air Rifle. Could not be bothered to open a new one and check if still same zero as previous tin. I am assuming that most who have more than one Air Rifle use a separate tin with each. Bloody expensive as I have four and in two different calibre, a lot less than some but Three more than others. I digress, started filming and went to the Rifle, picked it up, cocked it and put the first pellet in, took aim and squeezed the tricker. First two on target and the third Six o’clock low at about half an inch, my fault, held the Rifle for far too long. Should have rested the rifle than taken aim again. The next Two back on target. Woe is me. Five Shots Shown In Real Time.

Daily Routine of Hands and Arms Strength Therapy.

Partly Achieved by Free Handed Standing Unsupported Air Rifle Shooting Practice. BSA Lightning XL SE .177 Tactical Spring Air rifle, with AIR ARMS Diabolo Field, 8.4 Grains, 4.52 .177 pellets. Hawke Eclipse 3-12x50 AO IR Mil-Dot Scope set at Ten Times Magnification. The Distance was at Fifteen Yards.

Just one more day but again all is good, some you win and some you lose.

Canon LEGRIA HF R606


Music "The Beginning of the Fishing Boats Voyage" ΞΕΚΙΝΑ ΜΙΑ ΨΑΡΟΠΟΥΛΑ - Xekina mia psaropoula



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