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Pulsar Xq38 Concerns

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Hi - from New Zealand - 1st post.


I bought the XQ38 1 month ago.


I was going to buy the Core FXD50 front attach and mono.


I found a 2nd hand (only 2 months old) Pulsar Apex XD50 - so I went off the Core and because I had already paid a sizable deposit to our importer of Pulsar equipment, bought the XQ38.


I had the XQ38 a week before the XD50 arrived - once that arrived I got disappointed with my XQ38.


The XD50 is so much clearer that the XQ38.


I put it down to the fact that the XQ38 starts on a 3.1 magnification which was making the image/objects less accurate.


I have mentioned this to some in the States via a Forum there - they question my judgment and say if the XQ is poorer quality image than the XD rifle scope - something must be wrong with the XQ38.


In hind sight – perhaps I should have gone for the XQ19.


The magnification on this unit is 1.6 starting point.


My hunting is close in mostly and the magnification on the XQ38 is silly in my book, you lose too much field of view – less steady – and I believe (unless mine is faulty) you lose clarity of image.


To give an example – the other night I was out hunting Deer. I saw what I thought was a pig moving ahead on a logging track – only 40m away. I put my XD50 scope on it and it was a Possum moving over lumpy ground.


Long distance (plus 500m) the XD50 shows things much clearer and detecting capabilities are ahead of the XQ38


Interested to hear other thoughts on this. I have emailed the Pulsar dealer and asked their opinion on this. I also might




Peter - NZ


Pic (if it shows for my 1st attempt) is from a GPRS Trail Camera taken yesterday morning. You might notice the details are upside down on top of photo instead of being along bottom. Pesky Possum tipped the camera upside down on its Tree Spike.

That Hind was fawning that night before when I was there hunting, saw 2 other Hinds (left them alone) and I could hear sounds coming out of thick bush gully - a groan (Hinds can sound like Stag moan in Roar/Rut) and movements. Think it was her


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From experience the Apex range of thermal riflescopes gives a better image than the quantum monoculars even the newer XQ version.


I agree the greater magnification can limit field of view, you may have been better off going for the older HD/XD range with 2.1x or 2.8x mag in the 38 and 50mm lens models to give a better field of view.

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