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Good Bucks And Old Teckels

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Hi everyone.


This stalking post happened in mid May but I thought you might find it interesting.


I was going after a very good buck which had been tricking me since last season (by the way, he´s done it again this one!). I had seen him around the same area for at least two weeks and since last year waiting for the summer rut seemed useless I decided to try and end this chasing in spring. As you might have imagined the day I decided to go after him was the day he dissapeared (well, not completely true, I saw him once more in august lying down on a crop field less than 10 metres away from my car as I was coming back to it after shooting some pigeons and obviously carrying only my shotgun and some pigeon shot shells and without my rifle).


But luck apparently by chance was on my side that May afternoon and, less than 10 minutes after had I started searching for the buck I spotted another one rubbing his antlers against a young pine. Took a look with my binoculars and saw it was worth a stalk. Must say I usually don´t go stalking with a scope on my rifle when I´m hunting "for me" and not with clients. That way I have to get very close to the deer and it makes it a bigger challenge -which by the way usually ends with a deer barking, a deer springing, a teckel looking with a "not again" face and a hunter swearing-.


Anyway, the wind direction was perfect, the spring had been very wet (less noise as there was more grass, remember this is Spain and my hunting ground isn´t exactly a Sussex field!) and the buck was very occupied rubbing his head so I managed to get close enough to where I thought was a clear enough shot.


As soon as I lied down and got to a comfortable shooting possition my dog turned into a hard rock statue with its eyes fixed on the buck. A nice and calm aim and... boom! Deer down!


I made sure the buck wasn´t moving and decided to make my old friend work a bit so I left on the opposite direction and took a long turn so that my dog wouldn´t know where he was or where the buck was dead. As soon as I was close to the area where I thought the buck had used to reach the pine I let the dog do and in a couple of minutes he was barking at the dead buck.


Surprise!, the buck was a lot better than I thought. After measuring it it ended as a mid silver one so, after all, the decision hadn´t been that bad!


I was happy, my old teckel was happy and probably the old buck which was my first option was happy too.


Here are some pics, I hope you like them!








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He is a cracker mate .Not so keen on the open sights but each to the ire own and makes for a better hunter I guess .Well done .

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Thanks mate!


Must say I only shoot if I'm close enough and the shot is very clear so I can put the bullet on the best place, and that only if I am on my own.


It's more like a masterclass where I an the pupil. Makes me improve a lot and it is very helpful with my clients stalkings.

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Again well done , one of the great pleasures of stalking is having the dog out and them doing their bit ..hope you gave the old boy a treat for his work in the sun ...nice head by the way ...

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Thanks Sussex.


Didn't want to say it cause I thought it wasn't relevant; my old Teckel pal was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago so you can imagine how much these last stalkings mean to me, specially after losing my Kerry blue in April.


If they are always rewarded after a nice job imagine these last ones. Very special indeed.


As soon as I have more time I'll post his last tracking after a wounded boar; what a brave little guy!

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