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bigmac 97kt

Sweet And Sour Rabbit/ Chines Style Rabbit Curry

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Nice cheap meal lads cost me a fiver for the stuff from asda


stir fry vegetables (2 bags)


bean sprouts (2bags) stir fry these to


small box of boil in the bag rice only used 2 bags but you get 4 in the box


and three chines style curry bags (boil in the bag or micro wave )


and what ever rabbits you have in the freezer


i put a little oil in the frying pan first and sear,d the portions of rabbit to seal the flavor in


then into the slow cooker for a good few hours so the meat just falls off the bone


then i took all the meat off the bones and put it in a bowl and placed to one side to add later


to the stir fry


placed the stir fry into the pan along with fresh mushrooms for about ten mins


then put the meat and the bean sprouts in and continued to stir before adding the sweet and sour sauce keeping an eye on it at this point so it dose not stick to the pan and burn lol


then leave to simmer


place the rice in a pan with hot water in and bring to the boil then take it off the ring and cover for 18 mins


place rice on a plate then the sweet and sour rabbit


and enjoy


and just repeat the process for the curry one .


gave one of my neighbors some then every one came for some lol


took some over for viz and little hunter to



atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:










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Cheers lads


rabid get one mate honest the meat just falls off the bone when done


atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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